There’s a newspaper clipping from the 2002 Winter Olympics hanging over my desk.  It’s had that place of honor since the Salt Lake City games 8 years ago.  It’s a photo of an obviously ecstatic cross-country skier coming over the finish line with his ski poles held high in the air and an enormous smile on his face.  It’s a gold medal smile.  But I have the photo hanging there because he didn’t win the gold medal.  As a matter of fact, he came in last.  He finished 19 minutes and 33 seconds after the winner in that 10 kilometer race. 

So, why the smile?  The athlete in the picture, Isaac Menyoli from snowless Cameroon, said, “I had no technique, nothing.  But I finished, and people were cheering, and that’s all that matters.”

That picture reminds me of the many times in the Bible that our life is described as a race.  Our races might not be pretty.  Our technique might not always be medal-worthy.  But all God asks is that we run with endurance, that we keep the faith and that we finish the race.  And while we won’t get a medal, I hear there are some pretty awesome crowns at the finish line.

Psalm 19:5b,  Hebrews 12:1,  2 Timothy 4:7-8,  James 1:12

4 thoughts on “Olympic

  1. Beautiful and encouraging. Sometimes it feels so difficult while we’re running this race. We get so preoccupied with our ‘technique’ that we lose sight of the real goal–just to finish. Yes, we are to finish well, by what is most important is the finish line. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. God doesn’t promise us an easy race, but He does promise that He will never leave us and He will be with us through our trials.

    I believe that when we cannot take another step, He carries us on. When we are running with everything we have, He runs beside us and every step He encourages us and cheers us on.

  3. Thank you. This is just what I need to read right now. Have been looking for your book for ages, and decided to google the title and found the blog. Looking forward to catching up on a few years of blog posts.


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