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My name is Sharon Virkler. I’m “yet-to-be married”, an RN by profession and living back “home” in northern New Jersey after a 30 year stint in South Florida. Faith excites me – talking about faith, living by faith, writing about faith.  I wrote a book a while back titled,  “Anticipatience – A New Word of Hope for Single Women“. It was published again in Spanish under the title “El arte de esperar sin desesperar“. It was hard to translate  the word “anticipatience” into another language, but they tell me it means  “the art of hoping without despair”.  I like that!

Many people who read the book told me that the principles of Anticipatience were ones that could be applied to many life situations, not just the specific issues of the single woman. And that’s why this blog was born – I wanted to share the lessons God continues to show me in “the waiting”.  All of us are waiting for something.

Me? I love reading non-fiction books that make me think, getting up to watch the sunrise, road trips, spending time with the greatest family in the world, trying out new recipes on willing friends, good coffee and laughing at the most inconsequential things.

And I have no doubt that God has an amazing plan for my life.

14 thoughts on “About me


  2. De verdad ese libro sera una bendicion somos de Guatemala y el 19 de agosto empezaremos a leerlo con un grupo de chicas en un circulo de lectura, seras una bendiciones para muchas desde Guatemala

  3. I´m very lucky for have your book in my hands, you inspire many single women like me around the world, i´m from Guatemala and i just want to say thank you. god bless you

  4. Hello! This message may sounds crazy, ‘cuz im just 20 years old, but i wanna be prepared for God’s plans, in my heart there is this desire to get married and i have lost hope to get the right person in my life some day … So a friend of mine lend me ur book, im very interested to know what i will discover, thanks for ur help… Keep young people like me in your prayers ! Blessings!

    1. I will keep you in my prayers, Estefanny! Thank you so much for writing to me. I love hearing from young women. What a joy to know that you are seeking God’s will for your life, and that you are giving Him the desires of your heart. I hope you enjoy the book. Please keep in touch!

  5. I am about to read Anticipatience again as I feel a season of restlessness in my ‘singledom’ gnawing at me. Thank God it’s not like before…the Lord is leading me into a wonderful place of reliance on Him.

    Your book is wonderful; thanks for allowing God to use your heart!

    1. Thanks, KayJay! Honestly, I read it again every once in a while, too! Sometimes we need to be reminded of God’s promises and faithfulness, even when we have known the truth before. I know that periods of restlessness come and go, and they can be God’s way of drawing us closer to Himself. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

  6. Hola Sharon estoy leyendo tu libro..soy de paraguay..realmente es una bendicion!! Sigo esperando q el señor cumpla con su palabra!! tu libro nos fortalece en la fe!! bendiciones!

  7. Hola Sharon,
    Acabo de terminar de leer tu libro. Sólo puede dar gracias a Dios por utilizar te como respuesta a una pregunta que le hice en oración.
    Por primera vez en seis años reconozco mi necesidad de orar por un esposo y me siento digna de aspirar a conocer un hombre piadoso temeroso de Dios.
    Dios te bendiga
    PD:tienes algún otro libro en el mercado?

    1. Gracias Andrea! Estoy feliz de que el libro sea una bendición para ti. No he escrito otro libro, ¡pero estoy rezando por eso! Sigue creyendo en Dios y sus promesas.

  8. Hola Sharon, espero estés muy bien, me gustaría saber si ya estás casada o aún sigues en la espera. Estoy leyendo tu gran libro pero me cuesta creerle a Dios después de pasar una desilusion muy grande con un joven de mi iglesia, espero en un futuro mi sentir pueda cambiar.

  9. Lisset,
    Aun no estoy casado. No sé por qué Dios me ha pedido que espere, pero sigo creyendo en la bondad de Dios y en el tiempo perfecto. Confío en Dios día a día. Oro para que tú también continúes confiando en Dios. ¡Él siempre es bueno!

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