“Anticipatience – A New Word of Hope for Single Women” was first published in 2004 by Green Key Books. It was re-released in 2015 as an ebook, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and several other ebook distribution sites. The new ebook edition includes questions for discussion and reflection at the end of each chapter, and an update for Chapter Eight, “Perspectives – A Different View of Singles and the Church”. The title of the book comes from a word I made up when I was struggling to find the balance between anticipating  that God would provide me with a husband, and being patient for His perfect timing.


Anticipatience was published in Spanish in 2005 by the Christian Literature Crusade. The Spanish version is titled, “El Arte De Esperar Sin Desesperar” (apparently “Anticipatience” is difficult to translate!) and is available as an e-book through Amazon.




“Not That Different – Two Generations and The Single Life” was published as a feature article in “Christ and Pop Culture” magazine in the Spring of 2016.  It compares my own experience as a single woman with the lives of the single college students I come into contact with at the university where I work.


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