The wait

We’re all waiting for something – something to happen sooner rather than later.  We wait for…

dreams to come true

circumstances to change

a loved one to turn their life around

financial worries to go away

clearer vision for what happens next

bodies to heal

answers from God

Me? My big wait is for a husband.  A few years ago I wrote a book about that wait.  It’s called “Anticipatience – A New Word of Hope for Single Women”.  But the biblical principles of Anticipatience are for everyone – and every wait, not just the wait for a spouse.  So this blog is for all of us.  I came up with the word during a time in my life when I was struggling to reconcile expectation with patience.  I thought the word was original, but I’ve since learned it’s also the name of a rock song and a champion hound dog.  I still think I made it up first, and I’ve got the old journal to prove it – not that I’ll be publishing THAT anytime too soon!  I’ve learned more than a few lessons in the waiting.  And God isn’t done teaching me yet.  I’ll share some of these lessons here – the old ones and the new ones, the hard ones and the humorous ones, and I’m looking forward to the unexpected ones.  I think.