The wait

We’re all waiting for something – something to happen sooner rather than later.  We wait for…

dreams to come true

circumstances to change

a loved one to turn their life around

financial worries to go away

clearer vision for what happens next

bodies to heal

answers from God

Me? My big wait is for a husband.  A few years ago I wrote a book about that wait.  It’s called “Anticipatience – A New Word of Hope for Single Women”.  But the biblical principles of Anticipatience are for everyone – and every wait, not just the wait for a spouse.  So this blog is for all of us.  I came up with the word during a time in my life when I was struggling to reconcile expectation with patience.  I thought the word was original, but I’ve since learned it’s also the name of a rock song and a champion hound dog.  I still think I made it up first, and I’ve got the old journal to prove it – not that I’ll be publishing THAT anytime too soon!  I’ve learned more than a few lessons in the waiting.  And God isn’t done teaching me yet.  I’ll share some of these lessons here – the old ones and the new ones, the hard ones and the humorous ones, and I’m looking forward to the unexpected ones.  I think.

2 thoughts on “The wait

  1. “…the hard ones and the humorous ones, and I’m looking forward to the unexpected ones. I think.”

    I have this same thought all the time. And the emotion that goes with it is mostly excitement over what He’s going to do with my life, and a little nervousness over what path He’ll use to get me there.

    A few years ago, my youth group did an activity that really put the idea (of asking God to teach us) into practice. At the beginning of the year, we all wrote a letter to God and sealed it in an envelope. The youth leaders said they would give them back to us at the end of the year. The letters were to include our prayer requests for the year and what we wanted our relationship with Him to be like. I was born and raised in the church, but I always felt like I was missing a certain intimacy with Him. I believed He was there, but I struggled to actually “feel” His presence.

    That year turned out to be one of the most difficult years of my life. Many tears were shed, and I had a lot of angry conversations with Him, questioning why He would allow these things to happen.

    When I got my letter back at the end of the year, I was amazed at what I had written. I had asked Him to bring us closer together and grow my faith, even if it was painful. I told Him that I would try to have an open mind and be accepting of His plan for me. I told Him to use my life in whatever way He thought was best.

    And He did totally change my life and our relationship (ultimately for the better) that year, even though it was in a way that I never would have chosen for myself. It was such an eye-opening experience for me to see how He uses “the hard ones” and “the unexpected ones” to His glory.

    And I still pray that He continues to strengthen my relationship with Him, even if it is painful.

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