We really do learn this quite young, don’t we?  This desire to be in control.

My 18 month old nephew Noah has learned it.  All he wants is the remote control to the TV.  He’s realized that there’s something about pushing the buttons, something about the feel of control in his hands.  And if you try to take it away from him, he lets you know he’s not happy.

Not so different from us.

We love to try to control our lives, but unlike the random button-pushing of a toddler, we stay to linger on the scenes and situations we like and quickly try to click away from the ones we don’t.  If something doesn’t meet our expectations, we want to move on as quickly as possible to something else more enjoyable.  Click.

Sometimes we just need to give up the remote.

It may be that God wants us to stay in the story we’re in at the moment because He knows how that story will end and if we “click” away too soon, we’ll miss out on something really great.  But it may also be that we’re trying to stay in a story that seems good to us, but God knows better.  Much better.

I need to hand over control, and leave the channel changing to Him.

Submit yourselves, then, to God.  James 4:7

Let Him do to me as seems good to Him. 2 Samuel 15:26

Now do not be stiff-necked, as your fathers were, but yield yourselves to the LORD;      2 Chronicles 30:8

One thought on “Control

  1. You wrote this one on my birthday, what a wonderful gift you gave me with these words. How many times have I tried to take the control and click away my life. I’m handing over the control right now!

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